The perfect gift
a lifesize cutout from your picture !

all the image manipulation is for free
for each order you get a mini loodoodle (26cm) for free!

All for only 89 € excl. shipping (worldwide shipping) !

What is a loodoodle - Cut-Out?

a loodoodle is a lifesize cutout standup from your picture. It can be a standup of a friend, a star, an animal, a useful thing. What ever you can imagine.

What's so special?

We use white plasticplates instead of brown cardboard. this looks very exclusive and professional.
One loodoodle costs 89 €. (Dimensions: 200 cm x 120 cm). Price for shipping depents on destination (worldwide shipping).

loodoodle is a funny gift, or a professional marketingdisplay for your busines

How to Order?

Order is very easy, just upload the picture the rest is done by us.

How about shipping?

The shippingcosts depend on the ship-to-adress. Worldwide shipping:
Shipping to Germay: 11 €
Shipping to Austria: 11 €
Shipping to Members of EU: 11 €
Shipping to Swizerland: 35 €
Shipping to Luxembourg: 11 €
Shipping to USA: 35 €
Shipping to all other places 35 €.

How to Pay?

some ideas?

the perfect birthdaygift, for your wedding, for your fair, for your seminaryroom, your sweethart as lifesize cutout...

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